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An E- gift card is available for purchase.

Enter the recipient's name and email address correctly for them to be able to get the gift card

The card has a unique code that they should enter during checkout 

A gift card cant be exchanged for cash

Once redeemed cant be used again

Gift card does not expire


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27 products


    Regular price KSh800.00
    Regular price Sale price KSh800.00
  • wheat straw portable tablewear set

    Regular price KSh550.00
    Regular price Sale price KSh550.00
    wheat straw portable tablewear set
  • Pillow/cushion inserts-45x45cm

    Regular price KSh650.00
    Regular price Sale price KSh650.00
    Pillow/cushion inserts-45x45cm
  • Comida lunch bag

    Regular price KSh1,200.00
    Regular price KSh1,500.00 Sale price KSh1,200.00
    Comida lunch bag
  • Sayari table runner

    Regular price KSh2,650.00
    Regular price Sale price KSh2,650.00
    Sayari table runner
    Sold out
  • Kapu storage basket

    Regular price KSh3,000.00
    Regular price Sale price KSh3,000.00
    Kapu storage basket
  • Kalahari area rug

    Regular price KSh4,500.00
    Regular price Sale price KSh4,500.00
    Kalahari area rug
    Sold out
  • Scandi vase

    Regular price KSh1,640.00
    Regular price KSh2,200.00 Sale price KSh1,640.00
    Scandi vase
  • Ganado area rug

    Regular price KSh1,800.00
    Regular price KSh0.00 Sale price KSh1,800.00
    Ganado area rug
  • Boho pillow covers

    Regular price KSh800.00
    Regular price KSh1,200.00 Sale price KSh800.00
    Boho pillow covers
    Sold out
  • Bliss Laundry basket

    Regular price From KSh1,240.00
    Regular price KSh1,550.00 Sale price From KSh1,240.00
    Bliss Laundry basket
  • Ashanti area rug

    Regular price KSh4,350.00
    Regular price Sale price KSh4,350.00
    Ashanti area rug
    Sold out
  • Victorian Macrame

    Regular price KSh1,500.00
    Regular price KSh1,950.00 Sale price KSh1,500.00
    Victorian Macrame
  • Swahili table runner

    Regular price KSh2,550.00
    Regular price KSh0.00 Sale price KSh2,550.00
    Swahili table runner
    Sold out
  • Batian pillow cover

    Regular price KSh1,000.00
    Regular price KSh1,400.00 Sale price KSh1,000.00
    Batian pillow cover
    Sold out
  • Aztec woven wall hanging

    Regular price KSh1,950.00
    Regular price Sale price KSh1,950.00
    Aztec woven wall hanging
    Sold out